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How to use?

All you have to do to have a customized poll on your website is to phrase your question and the possible answers and fill them into the form here on this website (Home button upper left). If you want you can furthermore do some adjustments regards color settings or text size or a date when your survey should end.
Afterwords you'll get a little code sniped to include in your website. That's it, there is no download, installation, registration or email.

Iframe and HTML5

This are the 2 things enketon.com works with. This means your poll will be hosted on the enketon.com server and will be brought via iframe to your website.
You don't have to know that, but if you are interested it works as follows:
Since HTML5 browser windows are able to communicate with each other. That's the way your poll will fit exactly into the iframe on your site and be furthermore responsive. There will be no scrollbars or hided areas!
But all you have to do is to copy the HTML-code you get after your poll setup to your website.


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